dinsdag 3 april 2018 20:00-21:30 uur

Debuut van Ensemble Stile Nu: nieuw ensemble voor oude en nieuwe muziek met muziek van: Marchitelli/Diaz, Valentini, Tiensuu, Rebel & Byros.

Het ensemble bestaat uit:
Juho Myllylä, blokfluit
Kirsti Apajalahti, barokviool
Isabel Franenberg, barok-altviool
Galit Zadok, barokfagot
Wesley Shen, klavecimbel
Carlo Diaz, artistiek leider & componist


Concert description

No one recreates the past and no one invents the future. We float around in a pool of sounds and ideas, choose the ones we like, build our own collections, and make the pool grow bigger. For Stile Nu, performance and composition are the same—they are curation, rearrangement, filtration, manipulation, and evaluation.


Pietro Marchitelli, a Neopolitan of the early 18th century, is knowable only via incomplete fragments that will never be accurately reconstructed. To fill these gaps is to decide what this music sounds like, not to discover.


Carlo Diaz, the director of this ensemble, challenges the idea that Marchitelli’s music can be recreated by assaulting the blank spaces on the page with noise, frenzy, and chaos—giving sound to the source itself, incomplete and unknowable as it is.


Giovanni Valentini, an Italian working in 17th-century Prague, seeks to purify tonality through precisely controlled microtonality that a 21st-century listener cannot help but hear as modern. To listen to this music now is to hear the present and the past at once.


Jukka Tiensuu, a Finnish composer alive right now, brings life to his own peculiar new type of harmony by passing Modernist Spectralism through a filter of Baroque continuo ornamentation. To classify this music within the idea of history moving from past to present, from Baroque to Avant-Garde, is futile.


Jean-Féry Rebel, a French composer of the early 18th-century is exemplary of the extravagant ornamentation of his culture. But this decoration that is crucial to the identity of his music is so nuanced and imprecise that it is almost completely unkowable. To perform this music is to release our contemporary aesthetic inhibitions and reach for the past, but to deliver nothing more than a guilty pleasure of the present.


Vasili Byros, a contemporary music theorist based in Chicago, has spent years of his professional career surveying and cataloguing the harmonic, melodic, and structural patterns of 18th-century music in order to codify a decision-making process for contemporary composition within its many musical styles. To hear this music without knowledge of this context is to hear the past. To hear it with knowledge of this context is to trick yourself into believing that history comes from the past.


This performance is the debut of Stile Nu, a new ensemble for Early Music and New Music based in Amsterdam, presenting a diverse sample of questions we’ll ask and experiments we’ll try over many years to come. We hope you find it both interesting and invigorating, and maybe beautiful as well, and we hope to see you again and again along the way.



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