Atzko Kohashi


In de Oosterkerk:


Atzko Kohashi, who currently resides in Amsterdam, is a Japanese born pianist with international background. She started her classical piano studies during childhood and has been improvising and composing since.

From 1994 to 2001 she lived in New York, where she studied with jazz master Steve Kuehn. Atzko has thus experienced three different cultures: Japanese, American and European. Such multicultural background has surely influenced her view on music and led to her unique musical style. “Warm, Natural and human” ”Still waters run deep” “Being neither too much nor too little, which seems something common with Zen philosophy”– critics describe the playing of pianist Atzko Kohashi.

Whilst her musical root lies in Jazz, she adapts the melodies to her own voice. She has released a series of duo and trio works with bassist, drummer, cellist, vocalist and trumpeter, from the Netherlands to the world.