Cécile Chartrain




Cécile Chartrain was born in Paris in 1996. She started the harpsichord at 8 years old with Pascal Dubreuil at the Conservatoire de Rennes and graduated from the same institution in 2014.

Later, she will receive master advices from Pierre Hantaï, Ketil Haugsand, Olivier Baumont, Barthold Kuijken, Alfredo Bernardini, Paul Dombrecht…

Since 2015, she has been studying harpsichord with Menno van Delft and basso continuo with Kris Verhelst at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, in parallel with her oboe studies in the Conservatoire de Versailles. As a soloist and in chamber music groups, she performed in such places as the Rijksmuseum, the Muziekgebouw, El Cine teatro Ateneo (Argentina), Palazzo del capitaniato (Italia), La Chapelle des Carmes, Les Champs Libres… (France)