Wendy Palomeque


In de Oosterkerk:


Wendy Palomeque is one of Mexico’s most outstanding young marimba players.

She represents the 4th generation of marimba players of the renowned Palomeque family. Wendy was born and raised in Chiapas, southern Mexico, a state in which the marimba is a musical icon and the prevailing folkloric instrument.


In 2014, Wendy graduated with a Bachelor of music degree from the Chiapas University of  Sciences and Arts (UNICACH). In 2018 she completed her Master’s degree in Classical-Contemporary Performance at the same institution. In 2019 she moved to Belgium to pursue a Chamber music Master with renowned marimbist Ludwig Albert at LUCA University (Leuven College of Arts) where she graduated with honours.


She has received lessons from renowned academic marimbists and percussionists like Keiko Abe (Japan), Emmanuel Séjourné (France),Ney Rosauro (Brazil), Israel Moreno (Mexico), Ludwig Albert (Belgium), Katarzyna Mycka (Poland), Pius Cheung (China-Canada), Keiko Kotoku (Japan), Iván Manzanilla (Mexico), Roberto Hernández (Mexico),Pedro Carneiro (Portugal), Takayoshi Yoshioka (Japan), Nanae Mimura (Japan), Ruud Wiener (Netherlands), David Friedman (USA), Anders Astrand (Sweden), Jhon Ciro (Colombia), Eriko Daimo (Japan).


As a contemporary classical marimbist/percussionist she participated in the International Festival of Marimbists (Chiapas, Mexico) in its 10th, 12th, 13th, 20th editions, in the III Latin American Competition of Marimbist (Chiapas, Mexico), in the International Festival of Percussion (Ibague, Colombia) in its 5th edition.


Her professional profile as a marimbist also includes her training in traditional marimbas(fromChiapas, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia, and African’s marimbas).She developed these skills by taking classes with traditional marimbists, academics and researchers of these instruments. As a traditional marimbist she has performed in various states of Mexico, in Colombia and Ireland.


Currently Wendy is living in Amsterdam, working on exciting new projects and collaborations and forging the next phase of her career.